Senior Software Developer

Job Brief

This is an exciting time to join a fast-growing SaaS fintech.


Programming Experience: You should have a few years of programming experience, preferably in Python or JavaScript. Given that Python is used on the back-end, experience with Python would be particularly valuable.

Career Growth: Demonstrating your ability to grow into different roles and adapt to various scenarios is important. Fintech is a dynamic field, so flexibility and adaptability are key.

Collaborative Work: You have worked on projects with others and have experience with Git. This implies that you’re comfortable with collaborative software development and version control.

Communication Skills: Being a good communicator and a team player is crucial. Effective communication can lead to better solutions and a more productive development environment.

Database Expertise: You should have experience working with both SQL and NoSQL databases. This is important as the company likely deals with a lot of financial data.

Cloud and Kubernetes: Experience with cloud platforms and Kubernetes is mentioned. Familiarity with these technologies can be a significant asset.

Language Proficiency: You need proficiency in both English and Spanish, which is likely important for communicating with a diverse team and potentially with customers.

Technology Stack: Familiarity with the tech stack used by the company is essential:

  • Back-end: Python with a transition to async-based programming.
  • Front-end: Vue.js.
  • Infrastructure: Running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
  • Databases: MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Additional technologies: Redis, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, GitHub, and others.
Remaining Jobs: 34
Job Category: Others Technology
Job Type: Hybrid Permanent
Job Location: Spain

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